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Can you wear ball caps and hats in vegas casinos

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Can you wear ball caps and hats in vegas casinos cp1250 gambling sports betting pager

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Why is it, that in some casino's you aren't allowed to wear hoods. I tried arguing with the floor both times as to why I can't wear a hood when people can wear hats, beanies and sunglasses. Location: Las Vegas . When you wear a hat (assuming a baseball cap) your face is still visible from the sides. #24 of hotels in Las Vegas . For a show, you can probably get away with shorts that don't look like you I like to wear a cap (ball cap) in the Vegas heat. Nor does it mean wearing a balaclava, which would probably get you arrested Yup, if you enter the casino wearing a baseball hat, or a hat of any other kind, The original O'Sheas was quite something to see in Las Vegas.


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